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Can landlord ask tenants to do not put planter on their balcony

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Yes, as a landlord or property owner, you have the right to set guidelines and rules for the use of balconies by your tenants. You can ask your tenants not to put planters on their balconies, or to limit the size and weight of any planters they place on the balconies, for example. It is important to communicate your guidelines clearly to your tenants and to enforce them consistently. This will help to ensure that your balconies are used safely and responsibly, and that they are protected from damage. In some cases, there may be local building codes or regulations that dictate the use of balconies and limit what can be placed on them. It is important to familiarize yourself with these regulations and to comply with them in order to maintain the safety and stability of your balconies. It may also be a good idea to conduct regular inspections of your balconies to ensure that your tenants are using them appropriately and that there is no damage or safety hazards present. If you do identify any issues or concerns, it is important to address them promptly in order to maintain the safety and integrity of your balconies and your building.

The California state legislature created Senate Bills 326 & 721 (sb326, sb721) as a result of a balcony collapse tragedy in Berkeley in 2015 that resulted in 6 fatalities and 7 injuries. SB 721 requires all multi-family apartment buildings with three or more units to inspect all Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE) such as balconies, decks, and stairways every 6 years starting January 1, 2025. Meanwhile, SB326 mandates that all Condominium Homeowner Associations (HOA) inspect all EEE every 9 years starting on the same date. The purpose of these inspections is to maintain the structural integrity of balconies and prevent future tragedies.

Keep your loved ones and those around you safe - neglected balconies can be a serious hazard. Let us help you reduce your liability and ensure compliance with our one-stop-shop services. Our expert team handles everything from start to finish, giving you peace of mind and a safe place to call home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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