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inspection process

Balcony Inspection Process

Do you know if you own a building that may need to comply with the California Balcony Laws SB326 or SB721? Here at EEE Advisor, we specialize in ensuring you know whether your balcony is safe to use or needs to have work done to comply with this law.

Architects at Work


Evaluation and Offer

The first step is to reach out to us. Whether that be calling, emailing, or even filling out our “contact us” page on our website. Once we can get in contact with you, we can obtain all the information we need to prepare for the inspection, such as the address of the building which needs to be inspected as well as how many EEE you think need to be inspected. Once the line of communication is set, and we can grab all the information we need about the project, within 7-10 business days, we will go through an evaluation process. This evaluation process is FREE and allows us to understand the scope of work for your building. Once the evaluation is done, we will send you our proposal. 


Proposal and Contract

After finishing our evaluation of your building, we will then send you our proposal. The proposal will have all the information you need to ensure you understand the procedure. If you agree to the proposal, a contract would be sent soon after. Once the contract is signed, we will then begin to schedule a day for our engineers to come out and inspect your building.

Contract Review



Once we can schedule a day and time, our engineers with our crew will show up to your building on that day and time. During the inspection, our engineers will use drills from the bottom up to create a small hole in your balcony or external elevated element. Once the whole is created, we insert a small camera into the hole to rapidly take pictures and videos of the insides of your balcony. Once a single part of the building is inspected, we use a cap to close the hole so there is no opening from the hole created from the inspection. The inspection normally takes around two hours but can vary depending on the number of items needed to be inspected. 


Balcony Inspection Report

Once the inspection is completed, we would get back to you with a report within two weeks. Once the payment is received, the report will be sent to you. The next step will be determined at this point. Either you will pass the inspection, or you simply need some type of corrective work. If your building does not comply with the law and needs to have construction done, we can recommend contractors who can assist you with the next steps.


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