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Preventative Maintenance and Repair is Key to a Great Balcony

Omid Ghanadiof

Oct 9, 2022

Balcony Waterproofing Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance and Repair is Key to a Great Balcony

As the deadline for the California Balcony ordinance SB721 and SB326 comes closer and closer, the leading California-based engineering inspection company, EEEAdvisor, provide more tips for inspections of your buildings and apartments to ensure you can comply correctly and easily. Preventative Maintenance and Repair is Key to a Great Balcony. One of the most common balcony issues comes from a lack of good maintenance, flashing, and waterproofing issue.

In this article, we are talking more about waterproofing.

The majority of waterproofing problems can be found wherever you see tenants keep planters on the Exterior Elevated Elements, such as balconies. Unfortunately, occupants do not pay attention to water planter enough, and in a lot of cases, it creates rotten wood if waterproofing/ flashing is not in good condition. Waterproofing a balcony is always worth the money and effort, and maintaining the waterproofing extends its service life. However, identifying the correct waterproofing methods and hiring the best professional for the project can be a chore. All hope isn't lost, though, and below are a few recommendations to make the process easier.


First, homeowners or landlords look for a reputable and licensed home inspector, architect, or civil or structural engineer to inspect their property. The professionals will be able to adequately evaluate a balcony's safety, performance, and service life. They can also make recommendations for maintenance and replacement that include, but are not limited to:

•Determining the balcony's slope. The balcony floor should always drain away from the house. If it doesn't, an alteration may be in order.

• Installing a sealant (caulking) and flashings at thresholds and masonry connecting points. A good bond will create a great waterproof barrier. If not installed properly, water can sink into low spots and cause damage.

•Sealing all cracks in the concrete or lumber of a balcony resulting from foundation settling. Waterproofing cracks will prevent water from seeping into low spots here as well. It will also prevent mold from growing in crevices that can cause dry rot to lumber and rust to metal.

• Building slip-resistant surfaces to prevent injuries.

•Total replacement or repair of foundational materials made of wood or lumber.

Second, licensed professionals can also suggest the type of contractors to hire for all balcony work. It is wise to look for a contractor with excellent service references who is also licensed, bonded, and insured. Additionally, it is worthwhile to find a contractor who leaves construct sits clean, uses high-end materials, and educates homeowners and landlords on the proper methods for maintenance and care of its installed waterproofing systems.

And finally, hiring a contractor with more than five years of experience in home remodeling, deck/concrete coating, and water damage repair is helpful. In addition, if the contractor offers a work warranty guarantee, that's a bonus! The warranty means the contractor stands behind their work and will work until the job is done right.

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