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SB721 California Law: Ensuring Compliance Before Deadline

Updated: Apr 10

If you own multifamily housing in California, you need to be aware of SB721, also known as the California Balcony Law. This law imposes strict rules on exterior elevated elements (EEE) like balconies, aiming to ensure their safety and structural integrity. Property owners must follow these regulations to keep their buildings safe and compliant.

The Significance of Timely Inspection Compliance

Complying with SB721 is vital for maintaining building safety and preventing potential risks related to structural issues. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure their properties meet the standards outlined in the law. Failing to conduct inspections on time and address maintenance needs can put occupants at risk and expose owners to legal troubles.

Steps to Ensure Compliance Before the Deadline

To meet the SB721 inspection deadline for balconies, property owners must take proactive steps to fulfill their maintenance duties and uphold safety standards. Here's a guide to achieving compliance:

Understanding SB721 Requirements

Property owners must understand the specific requirements laid out in SB721. Familiarize yourself with the inspection rules, safety standards, and maintenance responsibilities mandated by the law.

Finding Qualified Inspectors

Hiring qualified inspectors is essential for thorough safety checks. Look for inspectors with the necessary certifications and expertise to accurately assess structural integrity and identify potential hazards.

Scheduling Inspections in Advance

To avoid last-minute rushes, schedule inspections well before the SB721 deadline. This gives you time to address any issues found and implement necessary maintenance measures.

Promptly Addressing Identified Deficiencies

After inspections, promptly deal with any issues pointed out by inspectors. Ensure all assessments and maintenance activities adhere to safety standards and regulations to reduce hazards and ensure compliance.

Seeking Assistance for Compliance

Understanding SB721 compliance might require help from various parties, including homeowner associations (HOAs), property management firms, and legal advisors. These entities can provide guidance and support to fulfill compliance obligations and maintain building safety.


With the SB721 balcony inspection deadline looming, prioritize building safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. By conducting thorough inspections, addressing maintenance needs, and seeking assistance when necessary, property owners can protect occupants and reduce legal risks associated with non-compliance. Compliance with SB721 is key to safeguarding multifamily housing units and preserving the structural integrity of exterior elevated elements.

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