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Sb721 balcony inspection

sb721 balcony inspection

The balcony inspection service is specially made for you. The easy way to say a final goodbye to your old, worn out balcony and bring it back to life.

EEE Advisor Preps Residents and Businesses For The Sb721 And Sb326 Compliance Deadline

Balcony inspections in California have become a crucial aspect of building safety in the wake of several high-profile accidents in recent years. Balconies are often constructed with wood or other materials that can rot or degrade over time, making them dangerous for use if not properly maintained.

In California, the state legislature passed a law in 2018 (Senate Bill 721) that requires regular inspections of balconies, decks, and similar elevated structures in multi-unit buildings. The law applies to buildings with three or more units and requires that inspections be performed by a licensed structural engineer or architect.

The inspections are intended to identify any potential safety hazards or structural issues that may exist with the balconies, such as rot, termite damage, or improper construction. If any issues are found during the inspection, they must be repaired or replaced in a timely manner to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

It is important to note that the responsibility of balcony inspection falls on both property owner and the home owner association. Home owner association should make sure that the regular inspection is being done and also keep records of it. Property owners should also take their own initiative and get their balconies inspected by professional if they suspect any problem.

Regular balcony inspections are a necessary step in ensuring the safety of residents and visitors in multi-unit buildings in California. By identifying and repairing potential hazards, these inspections can help prevent accidents and save lives.

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