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Protect Your Balcony and Your Tenants: The Importance of Waterproofing for Building Safety

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Back in 2015, a tragedy occurred in Berkeley when a balcony collapsed and resulted in the loss of several lives. In response, the state of California introduced two new balcony laws, SB326 and SB721, which mandated inspections for balconies and other elevated elements of buildings with more than three units. It's crucial to know whether your balcony is safe for human use, as there's always a possibility of faults and problems. Waterproofing is an effective prevention measure to ensure that your balcony remains in good condition and does not suffer from water damage

In this blog, we will discuss why waterproofing is essential for your balconies and how you can waterproof them. Waterproofing is a protective layer that prevents the accumulation of moisture and water within your balcony. When water seeps into your balcony, it can cause severe damage and lead to problems. Filling in cracks and holes is the first step in any waterproofing process, as they provide entryways for water to enter your balcony. You can also use waterproofing membranes, such as rolled or liquid waterproofing membranes, to prevent water from seeping in. Additionally, changing the balcony flooring or adding protection enclosures can help to safeguard against water damage.

There are two main types of waterproofing membranes: rolled and liquid. Rolled membranes are preferred because they guarantee an even surface of membrane spread out on your balcony. Examples of waterproofing membranes include Polyguard 105 Flashing Membranes, Polyguard 650 LT Liquid Adhesive, and Polyguard 650 WB Liquid adhesive.

To ensure the safety of your tenants and the longevity of your balconies, it's essential to have a strong waterproofing system. If you're uncertain about the condition of your balcony or if you think you may already have water damage, seek the assistance of experts like EEE Advisor. Our engineers can identify any problems within your balcony and offer guidance on waterproofing solutions. Visit our website to learn more about our services.


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