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How to waterproof a balcony

1. Clean the balcony: Clean the balcony thoroughly to remove dirt, grime, and any old sealant or coating. 2. Sand the surface: Sand the surface of the balcony to rough it up and create a better surface for the waterproofing product to adhere to. 3. Apply waterproofing product: Choose a high-quality waterproofing sealer or coating and apply it evenly, following the manufacturer's instructions. 4. Allow drying time: Allow the waterproofing product to dry completely, which can take several hours to a full day, depending on the product and conditions. 5. Re-apply as needed: Re-apply the waterproofing product as needed, following the manufacturer's recommended timeline, to maintain waterproofing protection. 6. Maintain the balcony: Regularly clean the balcony and address any damage, such as cracks or splits, promptly to prevent water damage.


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