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How to check the railing on a balcony (Deck's Railing)

1. Check stability: Push or shake the railing to see if it feels sturdy and secure. Look for any movement or wiggling. 2. Check for corrosion: Check for rust or corrosion on the metal parts of the railing. 3. Check for loose screws or nails: Check for screws or nails that may be loose and tighten or replace them if necessary. 4. Check for rot: Check for any signs of rot, such as soft or spongy wood, on the wooden parts of the railing. 5. Check for cracking: Look for any cracks or splits in the railings, both wooden and metal. 6. Check for structural damage: Check for any visible damage to the structural support for the railing. 7. Check for proper height: Check that the railing is the proper height to meet building codes and ensure safety. 8. Check for proper spacing: Check that the spacing between the balusters or spindles is small enough to prevent a child or pet from getting through.


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