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How Often Should I Get My Balcony Inspected?

If you own a property in California with balconies, you've probably heard whispers of SB 721 and SB 326. These laws, designed to enhance balcony safety regulations, have introduced mandatory inspection timelines that every property owner needs to understand. So, let's dive in and answer the burning question: How often should you be getting those balconies inspected?

California Balcony Inspection Law Landscape

California's balcony inspection laws have evolved to prioritize safety after some unfortunate incidents. These laws aren't just about ticking boxes; they're about ensuring that the balconies we enjoy – whether for morning coffee or evening relaxation – are structurally sound.

SB 721 balcony inspections focus on external elevated elements (EEEs) like balconies and decks in multi-family buildings. This law sets out specific requirements for inspection timelines and the qualifications of inspectors.

SB 326 broadens the scope to include all condominium associations, regardless of the type of exterior elevated elements.

The Inspection Frequency Breakdown: SB 721 vs. SB 326

The frequency of inspections depends on which law applies to your property:

  • SB 721:

  • Initial inspection: By January 1, 2025

  • Subsequent inspections: Every six years thereafter

  • SB 326:

  • Initial inspection: Varies based on the building's age and the date of the last inspection

  • Subsequent inspections: Generally every nine years

Special Cases and Exceptions

There are a few nuances to keep in mind:

  • New construction: Buildings with permits submitted after January 1, 2019, have different inspection timelines under SB 721.

  • Recent inspections: If your property had an inspection within three years of January 1, 2019, that met SB 721 standards, you may not need another inspection until 2025.

What Does a Balcony Inspection Entail?

A qualified inspector will meticulously examine your balconies, checking for:

  • Water damage: Rot, decay, or corrosion

  • Structural integrity: Cracks, loose connections, or signs of deterioration

  • Safety hazards: Loose railings, missing components, or trip hazards

Following the inspection, you'll receive a detailed report outlining any issues and recommended repairs.

Why Regular Inspections Are Crucial

Beyond simply complying with the law, balcony inspections offer several benefits:

  • Safety: Identifying and addressing potential hazards before they become dangerous

  • Property value: Maintaining well-maintained balconies can enhance your property's appeal and value

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your balconies are safe and secure

Don't Delay, Inspect Today!

Staying on top of your balcony inspections is an investment in your property's safety and longevity. If you're a California property owner with balconies, don't hesitate to contact a qualified professional like EEEadvisor. We specialize in California balcony inspections and can guide you through the entire process, ensuring your compliance with SB 721 and SB 326.

Remember: Your balconies are more than just architectural features; they're spaces for enjoyment and connection. Keep them safe, keep them beautiful, and keep your residents happy.

Let EEEadvisor be your partner in balcony safety. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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