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Extend the life of exterior wood decks and stairs

1. Clean regularly: Remove dirt, grime, and mildew regularly to prevent damage. 2. Seal or stain: Apply a waterproof sealer or stain to protect against moisture and UV rays. 3. Repair any damage: Address any cracks, warping, or splitting as soon as they occur. 4. Use proper hardware: Use corrosion-resistant screws, nails, and hardware to avoid rust-related damage. 5. Maintain proper slope: Ensure deck and stairs have proper slope for water runoff to prevent standing water and rot. 6. Avoid standing water: Remove standing water with a broom or mop to prevent warping and decay. 7. Limit exposure to extreme weather: Minimize sun and heat exposure by placing shade or installing awnings. 8. Use high-quality wood: Choose rot-resistant wood like cedar or redwood for durability. 9. Re-apply sealant/stain regularly: Regular reapplication is necessary for optimal protection against the elements.

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