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What is balcony flashing?

Omid Ghanadiof

Nov 4, 2022

Balcony Maintenance

In the state of California, a new ordinance came into effect which requires homeowners to get their balconies inspected. This ordinance was enacted to help those who use balconies feel safe about using their balconies. To know whether you are subject to comply, there are a couple of things you must consider. How many units, what kind of balconies you own, and especially how they were constructed are all important questions to ask to determine if you need to comply. In today’s blog, we will be discussing what deck flashing is and why you should have it installed within your balconies.


What is balcony flashing? In between the building and deck/balcony, it is important to install a deck flash between the two. A deck flashing is a protective barrier between the house and balcony, normally made up of metals, copper and stainless steel, which helps prevent the build up of moisture and water. If water and moisture build up in these areas, it can lead to problems, at worst the breakdown of the balcony. Although deck flashing helps prevent moisture and water, it isn’t the same as a waterproofing system. If you begin to see leaks or water problems, it’s best to check the primary waterproofing system before checking the Deck Flashing. Deck Flashing is an important part of your balcony and deck and is essential if you want to have a safe balcony.

To conclude this blog, deck flashing is a protective barrier between your deck/balcony and your building. This is important because it helps ensure the safety of your tenants and family. In order to comply with California State Laws SB326 and SB721, it is important that you hire a balcony inspector to be able to check for any problems within your balcony and any exterior elevated element. Here at EEE Advisor, we can help you comply with California state laws, but also ensure that your building is safe for use for your family and tenants.

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