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5 Signs of an Unsafe Deck/Stairway

Omid Ghanadiof

Jul 7, 2022

Protecting Your Family: 5 Signs of an Unsafe Deck/StairwaySB721 & SB326

Protecting Your Family: 5 Signs of an Unsafe Deck/Stairway

Your outside deck cannot be expected to continue to provide years of enjoyment without making sure it is safe. Most professionals agree that after 10 to 15 years a full inspection is recommended.

It is strongly advised to get a professional to come out and perform an inspection. However, you can do some basic checks yourself to determine the deck’s current structural integrity. Here are the five warning signs of an unsafe deck.

Lost or missing connections – Your outdoor deck should be secured with nails, screws and proper connectors. Any missing pieces should be noted and likely photographed.

Loose connections – These are often difficult to see because the connections are still in place. Loose or wobbly planks and boards are clear indicators.

Corrosion – Rusted nails and corrosion undermine structural integrity of the deck.

Rotting wood – Pressure treated wood for outdoor projects is designed to last a long time but not forever. Decay and rot happens because of external exposure to the elements.

Cracked wood – Cracks are similarly common to rotting wood. Cracks can also weaken a deck, rendering it unsafe.

If you are not sure if your deck is safe for continued use, contact a licensed contractor in your area for an inspection. It is strongly recommended you not attempt repairs on your own, doing so may prove dangerous to you and your family.

Omid Ghanadiof

Omid is co-founder of EEEadvisor engineering firm that Specialized Engineering Structural Inspection Firm active in southern California to help owners and HOAs to comply with Balcony inspection ordinance SB721 and SB326

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