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About Us

Get to Know EEEAdvisor

Our in-house professional engineers with 30 years of experience are available to assist you with Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE) Reports of your building, Design, and Construction. We will make sure to provide you with the best cost-effective design with minimum materials. We inspect all critical aspects of your buildings with the latest technology that we have developed ourselves. Our goal is to minimize your risk of injuries and increase your tenant's safety. We are committed to helping our clients by identifying buildings that can be exempted from these ordinances, so you confidently cross them off from your to-do list.​​


Our Values

Tailored Solutions for Balcony Compliance

EEEadvisor specializes exclusively in California balcony inspections and compliance with SB 721 and SB 326. We understand the unique challenges faced by homeowners, HOAs, and property managers when it comes to these regulations. Our team of expert engineers and specialized software ensure a streamlined process, providing tailored solutions to keep your property safe, compliant, and worry-free.

Value-Driven Support from Start to Finish

We believe in guiding our clients through every step of the balcony compliance journey. Our services include comprehensive inspections, detailed engineering assessments, and project coordination. While we're not general contractors, we leverage our extensive network to connect you with trusted contractors who can execute repairs efficiently and cost-effectively, without sacrificing quality.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Assurance

At EEEadvisor, our top priority is delivering the highest level of expertise and service in balcony inspection and engineering. Partnering with us means your property will not only meet but exceed the necessary safety standards and remain fully compliant with California's regulations. We're dedicated to the well-being of homeowners, HOAs, and property managers, ensuring their peace of mind and the long-term safety of their properties.

inspection process

What Does an EEEadvisor Inspection Include?


Thorough Assessment of Exterior Elevated Elements

Our certified engineers meticulously examine all Exterior Elevated Elements (EEEs) on your property designed for human use. This includes balconies, decks, walkways, stairs, and other elevated structures that are essential to your building's functionality and safety.


Expertise in Wood-Based Load-Bearing Components

We have extensive experience evaluating load-bearing components constructed with wood or wood-based products. These elements play a crucial role in supporting the weight of the structure and its occupants, and we ensure they adhere to strict safety and compliance standards.


Focus on Elevated Walking Surfaces

We pay special attention to EEEs with walking surfaces located six feet or more above the ground. This is the critical threshold where structural integrity and safety concerns become paramount. Our inspections prioritize the early detection of potential hazards to ensure the well-being of your residents and visitors.


Certified Engineer Oversight

Every inspection report is signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer registered with the California Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists. Our engineers possess the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to accurately assess the structural integrity of your EEEs.

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